Generic Resources

Here are versions of the various resources I’ve created and modified for use at my school. I tend to create most of my resources in Powerpoint and they are saved in 97 version for compatibility.


Blooming Targets

1) Magenta Challenges: For putting on the wall and giving students additional thinking challenges.

Magenta Challenges

2) Blooming Targets: A systematic way of breaking down and ranking a students work in different areas in order to build up strengths and weaknesses. Adapted to Geography and History use principally.

Blooms WYOT KS2

Blooms WYOT KS3

WYOT Specific

Graph for Blooming Target

3) Box Assessment target:

Box Assessment Template

4) Simple class expectations for different tasks:

Expectations to go with Noise Dial

5) Peer assessment hints and tips

Peer Asessment Prompts

Peer Assess Hints

6) CUE Assessment resources

Cue based lesson plan

Cue Assessment


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