CUE Assessment : A simplified way of assessing without levels

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to come up with ingenious ways that I can try to assess work without levels. Having developed a code system linked to Blooms and trying it out for several months, I’ve come to the decision that the system could be streamlined even more effectively. So I’ve ripped up my Blooming Targets and tried again. The main problem with the Blooming Target system seems to be that having seven code letters is too much. Furthermore the 1,2,3,4 rating was too vague and prone to teacher bias.

So I’ve invented CUE. By combining what I was looking for with the Blooms targets into three easy to remember letters, I am still looking for the same things but in a much more focused manner.

E- EVALUATION (Now a mix of analysis and evaluation techniques)

It would look something like this:


This is still a work in progress, but the basic idea is to have a really clear set of expectations for the three areas so that teachers and students know exactly what is required to achieved I, II, or III. These can then be tied into a point scoring system to generate a total score for an assessed piece of work for basic comparison purposes. Hopefully this system reinforces the idea that content is essential, followed by a students ability to explain and then use that content.

It could be used in a lesson something like this:


I’m still working on this idea, but if anyone has any comments or ideas on the principal, please let me know!


About MrHopeVGMS

History Teacher, Head of Year and Acting Assistant Head at VGMS. KS2 and KS3 History predominately, but I maintain an interest in all areas of History.
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4 Responses to CUE Assessment : A simplified way of assessing without levels

  1. You know I love it.
    Will give more feedback over the weekend

  2. Just looking at the same ideas – the structure for assessing maths we have been given for the new curriculum is HUGE and looking suspiciously APP like… Excellent as always Mr Hope!

    • JokeyHopey says:

      Thanks. It will be interesting to see if we can work together to develop ideas of a similar nature, but that can be tailored specifically to our subject areas. I look forward to discussing it with you at some point.

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