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Knowledge and skills are not mutually exclusive

I really don’t get the often hotly contested debate between Knowledge and Skills.  As a general rule there seems to be some sort of left/right divide on the issue with right wing teachers arguing there isn’t enough ‘Knowledge’ in the … Continue reading

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Modelling for excellence

Originally posted on Class Teaching:
I’m fortunate to watch a large number of lessons – being taught by brilliant teachers.  There are many things that they all do well, but one thing they all have in common is that they are…

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The Blue Sky Coaching Process

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T&L tip: Feedback follow-up tabs

Originally posted on paddington teaching and learning:
Here’s a great tip from Molly Faulkner that’s perfect for marking review fortnight! It looks quite labour-intensive at first sight, but is actually a great time-saver and should lead to better student reflection…

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Just when we were starting to get the hang of levels…

I’ve got to admit.  When I first started teaching nearly eight years ago, I really struggled to get the hang of levels. It took me years before I could confidently look at a piece of work and level it correctly.  … Continue reading

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Using Twitter (fake) to teach History

This is an idea that’s completely old hat and used by loads of people, but it’s something I’ve been using recently and really like.  The students in my class had to write a letter about the six wives of Henry … Continue reading

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