Newspapers Persecute Schools For Enforcing The Rules

I also find this incredibly irritating. It’s like people who insist that other people should pay parking fines or speeding tickets but think they are some sort of special case when it happens to them.

Scenes From The Battleground

I’m sure I’ve moaned about this before, but the Daily Mail often annoys me with its hypocrisy about school discipline. It seems to run two, contradictory, types of stories on school discipline. The first type is the “school discipline is not strict enough” story.  Here are some examples of Daily Mail stories either calling for better discipline or reporting sympathetically on others doing so (found after Googling “Daily Mail School Discipline” and “Daily Mail Behaviour in Schools”):

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Upgrading the blog

My blog has been languishing from inattention since November, a situation I am desperate to remedy. At first I decided the main problem was my work-load, trying to keep on top everything wasn’t leaving me enough time for thinking about T&L ideas or to post, but the truth is I haven’t been putting enough importance on having that reflection time to bother here.

As a result I’m working on integrating my blog more fully into my daily routine. I’ve decided to try and upload more lesson resources, ideas and information here in order to make it more useful to myself and to others.

The fact is, without that time to properly think about ideas or to read other peoples blogs, I’m not nearly half as creative. Blogging has definitely been of benefit to me and I must continue!

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CUE classroom challenges

As you may know, I’ve been utilising my own system of assessment this year, (whilst of course retaining levels for whole school tracking) and I’ve been quite pleased with the result. CUE -Content Understanding Evaluation- is a condensed version of Blooms taxonomy. It places the emphasis firstly on having secure content and knowledge of a topic, secondly on the ability to explain and understand that information and finally on being able to evaluate and use the information to construct arguments, analyse information and develop original ideas. Each student is rated from 1-4 (from Beginner to Master) in each area. When I assess a piece of work, this means they can see how they rate at each area and where they need to focus. Along with qualitative feedback (WWW and EBI) I think this provides specific and useful feedback for students.

Having identified their strengths and weaknesses, the next stage is for pupils to try and improve at a given area. To help with this, I have created a series of specific challenges which should allow students to practice the skills they need.




I’m going to try these challenges out over the next few weeks and see what impact it has on developing the students understanding of these areas. Stay tuned, more to come.

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Behaviour Hash-tags MK III

I think this is probably in a format I’m happy with now. I’ve been using it quite successfully in lessons to create a fast record of unsatisfactory low level disruption. The key thing now is to back up this recording of disruption with a punishment system. Currently I’m telling students that it is tied directly to their behaviour level on their report and I am also intending to issue several detentions.

As a head of Year I’m also hoping to try and integrate this more into the wider school, if the idea has merit of course…

Low level disruption

Low 1




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VGMS learning adventure 2014 TOUR A

T&L stuff we did tonight at school

Blue Sky - VGMS

Not had time to fully collate and collect my thoughts on the fantastic evening we just had,  but kudos to everyone who attended. Here are some photos and a synopsis of what we did on Tour A. I’ll add proper resource downloads and links as and when I can. Again a big thanks to Mr Drayang for organising all this.



Here is Nyima in action describing the impact RAG123 has had on his marking and explaining the noise dial expectations.



Here is Sheryl showing us some of the resources she uses in lessons. I was really impressed by her picker thingy (can never remember what they are called) for reinforcing key vocab. You open and close it whilst spelling a word… and inside are definitions and information to read.



Here’s  Hannah showing how she uses wall displays and help mats with the children.  Key…

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Behaviour hash-tags mk II

I changed some of the language a bit after talking to a colleague. She’s been using it in her lesson to some effect which is nice. Also it gives me an excuse to re-post it!

Low level disruption new

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Behaviour hash-tags

As part of my efforts to deal with a difficult Year 8 class, I’ve created a set of low-level disruption hash-tags. If someone is doing something I don’t like, I get them to write the short date in the back of their book with the hashtag so I know what they were doing that I didn’t like. Obviously once several incidents have been logged, this gives me the perfect excuse to issue a higher level sanction. Patterns of behaviour can be identified and it’s fast and easy to do.

I’ve already told the students that I’m going to use this system to decide on their behaviour grade on their report and so far it seems to be relatively effective. This is specifically to deal with some low-level and persistent behaviours that I’m not happy with.

Low Level Disruption

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