Finding the time

Today has been a great day… an inspiring day in fact.  That it has been so has been all the more unusual for the fact I am currently snowed under with work and busy dealing with multiple incidents in my capacity as Head of Year.

The reason?  Just some simple conversations with colleagues about  what really matters in teaching. Just finding the time to connect with my colleagues and take off the blinkers.

First I had a colleague come into a lesson just to have a look and tell me what she thought. No forms, no criteria… just a normal lesson to watch and then a good chat afterwards.  It was illuminating and reminded me why I love this job. She’s new to our school and we teach the same class.  Speaking to her, explaining my choices… stating what I was trying to accomplish opened my eyes and got my brain whirring.

Then after school we had a Bluesky meeting.  Bluesky is our teaching and learning group, there were eight of us there and just having a chance to chat and discuss ideas was like a tonic. I left elated.

My overall point is that we need moments of unstructured time like this as an anodyne to the sometimes blinkered tunnel vision we develop as professionals wrapped up in our own narrow concerns. Tomorrow I will approach school with a positive step and an open mind.


About MrHopeVGMS

History Teacher, Head of Year and Acting Assistant Head at VGMS. KS2 and KS3 History predominately, but I maintain an interest in all areas of History.
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